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Siragu students' next step forward - Can you support them?

We SUYAM charitable trust registered under Trust Act, Income Tax Act, FCRA Act and established in the year 1999. Suyam runs Siragu Montessori School benefiting 600 children with 100% free education and majority of the children are rescued and rehabilitated from begging, children identified from brick chambers, children picked up from pavements, children of cooly laborers, village farmers and various other deprived sector of the society.

From SIRAGU, 1st batch of 3 students who being passed out, now completed XII grade. JAYAVEL scored 896 marks, DHASARATHAN got 1047 and PRIYADARSHINI with 1081 marks.

Priyadarshini & Dhasarathan wanted to join MEDICINE and Jayavel opted for CAR PERFORMANCE (B.E) course in Foreign Universities.

So far, all these years, we structured a innovate curriculum and students are free to choose their higher education with proper guidance. These 3 students, from their childhood age brought up by us and allowed to take proper decision at right now based on their own strength weaknesses which they understand and prepared for the outcomes of their right decisions.

Education ABROAD
Universities Selected For Priyadarshini and Dhasarathan are Crimea State Medical University in UKRAINE. Expected total cost to complete their education – INR 22,00,000 (All inclusive) / USD 40,000 per student.

For Jayavel,  GLYNDWR University in U.K being selected. Expected total cost to complete his education – INR 28,00,000 (All inclusive) / USD 50900. 

Enclosed please find the copies of offer letters received from the respective universities.

Arrange for bank loan atleast for 1 YEAR of education
Maintain the promptness in repayment of loan and SUYAM Charitable Trust stands act as GUARANTOR for the loan though the loan amount will be repaid the students themselves from their earnings.
We being the guardian for the students, it is our responsibility to prompt repayments of loan and make sure students get through well in their higher education.

The moment we decide upon students’ carrier to go through abroad education, we initiated our efforts hoping that BANKS in India will support for the cause.

It is surprisingly being known that if the loan is sanctioned by the bank and holding an NGO as a GURANTOR which is going to happen first time in Bank Industry we appreciate the bank official who have greater concern for these kind of children which in turn going to prove to the Universe that BANK’S SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.

Our Efforts taken so far
·         We sent our request to CHIEF MINISTER’S CELL and our grievance being directed to Revenue Inspector of THASILDHAR office in Perambur and we being called to give letter and submit documents, we abide by as instructed and also shown the students too and waiting to get RI’s letter to submit to CM cell.  Quick action taken by CM Cell is much appreciative and we are much thankful and obliged to TN Govt.

·         Met Deputy Collector of Chennai, with his guidance and directions met District Collector Of Chennai and submitted request letter and relevant documents. CHENNAI COLLECTORATE will take a next step forward.

·         Met one of the Ministers of Tamilnadu and presented the details with a letter, waiting to hear from Minister’s office too.

·         A little narrated short detailed appeal being sent to Prime Minister of India and same efforts going to be taken to forward appeals to President Of India and other respective beloved leaders of India.

·         Put up DONATION appeal to Our Donors through our mailing list and open appeal in our Face Book Page, through various social networks to seek collective contributions to support the required amount.  Some of the longtime donors already started contributing possible amounts for this noble purpose.

·         Steps taken and to be taken to flash the news in the Paper Media, TV Medias to put up an open appeal to raise contributions.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Siragu students interaction with students of International School

A field visit report of

Siragu Montessori School

Senior children of Siragu headed by Dr.V.Uma visited Lalaji Memorial Omega International School (LMOIS) situated at Kolapakkam, Chennai-101 on 5th March 2010.

It was a very much informative, energizing and interesting trip

Mr.S.Bhavanishankar – Principal

The Correspondent

Ms.Poonam – Co-ordinator

Ms.Liz Kingsnorth - Consultant

Ms.Ganga – Teacher - Environment Management

Mr.Sundar – Teacher – Biology

given their warm welcome to our team and shown their concern over Siragu children, their love and affection, interest to know about us, openly shared with our children about their school activities, loving promises to support Siragu’s knowledge requirements are amazing and appreciative.

Siragu students Jayavel, Dasaradhan, Priyadarshini were anxious to see the school, the methods of teaching, school’s lab facilities, behavior attitude of students and teachers over there. The moment they enter into the school and the moment they left school, the green memories are given an enchanting experience.

Siragu children interacting with 9th grade students

3 children named above going to write IGSCE exam (O level exam) for which we arranged this one day trip to Lalaji school. Our students had a very good interaction with 5 students studying 9th grade of LMOI School, out of which, three from France, 1 from Khasakisthan & 1 from India. The school has students from 16 countries of the World.

Greeting Card

Received greeting card from students of LMOIS & Siragu children in turn prepared spot greeting card with a fallen flower from the sand and made it decorative and attractive and gifted to those students.

Sharing of Greeting Cards

Lab Visit

Visited school’s lab in CBSCE section

Drawings n Poem

12 Students in 6th grade & 7th grade and 4 students of Siragu divied into 4 groups and conducted drawing n poem session, it was fulfilled, creative and enjoyable. Topic taken was “Friendship” and each group come up with different poem and different art work which depicts the strength of Friendship.


Delicious lunch provided to us and the students of LMOIS also joined us in the lunch session.


  • Able to see the real practice of an International School
  • Our children got a great opportunity to interact with Lalaji School
  • Able to interact with students from different countries
  • Clarified some of doubts arised towards approaching IGSCE exam (O level)
  • Collected required details about books to buy for preparation
  • The school given their loving promises to support Siragu students in whatever way they can and maximize opportunities to open up positive interactions in future

At the outset, on behalf of children of Siragu Montessori School, the teaching staff, the management we conveyed our whole hearted gratitude to one and all in Lalaji Memorial Omega International School. We salute them for their timely support.

Kindly share your comments about this by email to


Vande Mataram!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Karthigai Deepam

Childrens of Siragu School celebrated Karthigai Deepam festival on 11.12.2008 in a different way.

Chidrens prayed for world peace with lights.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thank You Cards by Siragu Children

Children are our Creative Guru. In Siragu, we ask the children to draw pictures with more imagination. It is also a class room activity and all the children participate in this. We were love to see the way they expressed their thoughts into action.

"Whenever a guest drop into the school, they prepare a gift on their own, by picking up the leaves of trees and plants and make use of scrap materials available in the school".

"Recently we clent the place and kept all the stuff in one room, that time two foreign guest have come to the school". "Children turned with gift with good packing and when guest got surprised to open it, there are lots of old teddy bear toys inside". "All of us thrilled with excitement and appreciated the group of children who did this job and respect their affection shown to other person".

They themselves designed their 'thank you' cards and we send the same to the donors along with the donation receipt. Look at some of the thank you cards shown here and may be some of them are already at your hand.

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Contributions of our beloved Madras Knight Round Table 181

3 class rooms and Siragu children in the year 2006

The partnership between Madras Knights Round Table 181, the youngest Round Table in Chennai and "Siragu School" run by the Suyam Charitable Trust dates back to the year 2004.
MKRT 181, bowled over by the efforts and determination of Ms Uma and Mr Muthuram and understanding the importance of permanent infrastructure for the "Siragu School", pledged to take up the School as their Long Term Project, thereby committing to construct 9 classrooms from scratch in a phased manner for the School's Primary Block.

True to their committment, the Table constructed 3 class rooms in the year 2004-05, 1 class room in the year 2005-06 and is in the process of completing 3 classrooms in the year 2006-07 thereby completing 7 out of 9 classrooms that have been promised. The remaining 2 classrooms would be complete by the beginning of the Academic Year 2008-09 thus fulfilling the promise of putting up the primary block for the school.

children with tablers 25.06.06

The Table has also been meeting adhoc requirements of the school in terms of Electrical items ( Fans, Tubelights), provisions et al during various occassions.

bhoomi pooja held on 25.06.06 for 4th class room_Chairman Mr.Kaval

inaguration of 4th class room on 17.09.06_Chairman Mr.Balaji (left)

further 3 class rooms construction in progress as on 16.06.2007

<-- thank u all tablers for your contributions -->

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Sports Day Celebration at Siragu on 03.03.2007

Siragu celebrated Sports Day on 03.03.2007. Compare to last year, this year there is more involvement of parents and teachers in the sports is the highlight of the celebration. Children won several prizes with medals and certificates and the staff members also given gifts. Team work once again proven. Our special thanks to Roundtabler Mr.Manjoj of MKRT181 towards his contribution of Rs.4000/- towards purchase of gift items and love and regards to all.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Peace Tree in Siragu!!!

Mitra (a filmmaker-teacher friend of the Acchor team) had asked if the kids at Siragu would build a Peace Tree if she gave them all the necessary materials and details.
The Peace Tree was initially done by kids at Ontario, Canada.
The kids at Siragu always love to do anything new and innovative and they are ever ready to take up creative workshops like these, especially where Peace is the issue!
Muthuram was given the details on Jan 31st 2007 about the kids implementing a Peace Tree at Siragu Montessori School.
On the 1st of February 2007, just one day after the Siragu kids got the details, they had implemented the Peace Tree in one hour!
This itself is proof that the kids are so enthusiastic about connecting with the kids across the world in a Peaceful manner.
If this continues, the kids will make friends with others around the world and also influence the adults into Peace activities!
The day is not far!

Let us join together with the kids and spread the Peace in our Planet!!!
For Further details on the Peace tree please visit http://sandalwoodproductions.com/peacetree/index.html